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" of of fire!"

Men's Social Club
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About Promethians Inc.
In 1959, an idea was born to organize a club which would be both civic and social in nature. After being summoned by postcard to meet in the home of Louis and Albert McGowan, the idea was discussed and it was agreed that a club would be formed. About 20 of those attending those first meetings bonded together to found the Promethians, Inc.

The winning name was submitted by Sidney McNeal, after a contest was held to determine an appropriate name for the group. Prometheus was the Greek god who mythology says stole fire from the sun and gave it to mortals. Since fire was a luxury to be used by the gods, only Zeus, the chief god, expelled Prometheus from Olympus. The word "Promethian" literally means "Men of Fire". 

In its early days, Promethians, Incorporated was basically a social club. However, the individual civic involvement of many of its members soon manifested itself in the activities for the club. Now, more than 50 years after its founding in 1960, Promethians, Incorporated is recognized throughout the community as an organization strongly committed to the civic betterment of St. Louis.
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The Founders
Surviving Founding Members: Front Row (l to r): Samuel Miller, Ira Young, Henry Scroggins, Alfred Hart
Back Row (l to r): Roy G. Miller, Jack Ingrum, Samuel Leethe