Promethians Inc.                
5255 Wabada Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63113
Call: 314 367-8881
" of of fire!"

Men's Social Club
Welcome to Promethians Inc. !
...where Social-Friendship, Family Values and Community Responsibility drives our essence to be the best of the best!
If you value fellowship, brotherhood and the well being of our Greater St. Louis area neighborhoods - then you should join our organization.

Promethians Inc. has been located in St. Louis since 1960 and provides not only a base for our community efforts, but a home away from home for any outstanding and uniquely qualified African American male to relax, network and socialize.
If you are a "Man of Fire" and interested in joining, then call      314 367-8881 for details or contact us.
 Promethians Inc. ® 5255 Wabada Ave., St. Louis, MO 63113